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In order to keep costs extremely low, Dr. Gardner chooses not to work within the confines of the insurance industry and therefore does not participate with any insurance plans. Depending on your insurance carrier and plan, you may or may not have benefits for chiropractic care.  

Your first visit includes a detailed consultation, a thorough chiropractic examination and your first specific chiropractic adjustment (if your case is accepted).  

Although Dr. Gardner does not accept any insurance in her practice, you will be provided with a very detailed receipt for any and all services provided to you.  This receipt can then be submitted to your HSA (Health Savings Account), FSA (Flex Spending Account) or insurance carrier for consideration.  

Provided your plan allows for chiropractic care and covers the provided services, you will be directly reimbursed for your health investment by your insurance carrier.  Again, this is IF they allow for chiropractic care within the parameters of your policy.

Please call (267)242-8488 to schedule an appointment 
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