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15+ On-Demand Webinar Modules each, most lasting approximately 2 hours

  • This class has been phenomenal so far. Thank you so much Karen Gardner Richter DC!              ~ Dr. Katie Samsel

Module I
In order to show your expertise in pregnancy care, you need to make a stellar first impression. This module covers Office comfort measures, office procedures, Pregnancy Consultation, Exam, report of findings, and care plans so you can do just that. Bonuses include sample forms and care plans.

Module II
When it comes to The Five Neurological Complaints of Pregnancy, birth providers' hands are tied. This module details these complaints, how to care for each of them and why chiropractic should be the #1 choice for expectant mothers.  When other birth professionals learn of your amazing ability to care for their patients with these complaints, referrals are not far behind!

  • Dr. Karen, just wanted to say wow...I've learned so much and I'm only into the 2nd module. This is the stuff we need to know in everyday practice! I could listen to you all day long!        ~ Dr. Katie Gelesko Stull

Module III
Being able to effectively care for some common complaints of pregnancy such as morning sickness, heartburn and hemorrhoids will define any doctor as a pregnancy care doctor. This module covers Case management of common pregnancy-related complaints through chiropractic management as well as palliative measures to ensure your patients' added relief. 

Module IV
How you explain chiropractic care determines patient compliance. This module is your blueprint for an effective Pregnancy ROF and will assist you in continuing pertinent patient education throughout your patients' care plan and beyond.

  • On my way to work I was listening to Module 3 again, and I had a patient come in and ask me about the swelling in her feet and legs. Got to tell her all about the teas! Great timing - Dr. Stull

Module V
This module will continue to teach effective Case management of common pregnancy complaints that were not covered in Module III including what spinal changes you can expect to see so you can offer better management through specific chiropractic adjustments.

Not all herbs and homeopathy are safe for use during pregnancy. Part 2 of this module will help you further prove you are THE pregnancy chiropractor in your town by teaching you the basic premises of homeopathy and herbal remedies, what's safe and what isn't. Continue to show your patients that your doctorate degree is better than their Google Search.

Module VI
When a baby is not in the correct position for a vaginal birth, in most cases, the only option is a C-section. By learning how to properly and effectively adjust the mother-to-be to enable the baby to move "head-down" will further increase your credibility as the "go-to" doctor in your town. This module spells out how to expertly analyze and adjust for various mal-presentations. You will also learn The Gardner Method Technique & Theories so you understand WHY this is happening and then further uncover the mechanisms behind the breech and other presentations. This knowledge will, undoubtedly, assist with your individualized, expert care of the expectant mother.

Hi Dr. Karen, ,
Hope you're having a wonderful new year. My wife and I are really enjoying going through your modules. The information is so well organized and applicable. Kudos to you!
Thanks for all you do.
Yong Gu Kim 

Module VII
Can you adjust a woman who has placenta previa? What about a placental abruption? Do uterine myomas have any effect on labor and delivery? Do babies manage to get into a vertex position when their mom has a bicornuate or unicornuate uterus? This module will answer all of these questions and more as we delve into the Case management of pregnancy complications and anomalies. You will feel prepared to handle these cases with ease and confidence!

Module VIII
When your patient asks you..."What is the purpose of a CVS, an amniocentesis, or an AFP? What are the different types of fetal monitoring? Which is best? Is ultrasound safe?" Can you answer with clarity and confidence? You will after this module on Common Medical Procedures during pregnancy and labor; their risks and benefits.

Module IX
When a mother's pelvis is misaligned, there can be serious complications; not only with her, but with her newborn as well. By precisely analyzing and adjusting a pregnant mom, you are decreasing the chances of such things as shoulder dystocia and failure to progress. Effectively you are preventing birth trauma with focused prenatal chiropractic care. What an awesome gift to give your patients!

Module X
What causes labor to begin? This modules covers that. Do you know how or if you can adjust a woman in labor? Are there any palliative methods that can help mom during labor? What about homeopathic and herbal remedies? This Module will help you increase your skill and confidence in caring for a woman in labor. What a wonderful quality to have a pregnancy care chiropractor.

Module XI
By now, you are feeling pretty confident in caring for the special needs of a pregnant woman! So, how can you get more pregnant women into your office for care? This module gives you the in and outs of Marketing and building your pregnancy practice. Do you want to know the EASY way to set up and conduct spinal screenings and health talks? This is the module to watch! Additionally, you will learn methods that will encourage endless referrals from other people who care for pregnant women so your practice grows all by itself! Bonus materials include step by step guides to set up and conduct screenings and talks and FREE access to my most popular webinar "The Lazy Way to Grow your Pregnancy Practice"​

Module XII
Are your patients wondering about the uses and risks associated with Epidural anesthesia? This module will cover precisely that so you can effectively help your patients make an informed decision during their labor experience and reinforce your expertise in all things prenatal! 
The second part of this module will be concerning C-sections, what happens, what to expect, the risks to mother and baby etc. Knowing everything you can about this, sometimes, necessary procedure will allow you to give your patients useful information to better prepare in the event they require this intervention.

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Certification in the Gardner Method Method of Prenatal Chiropractic Care (Optional at no extra charge)

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Prenatal Chiropractic Care (Kindle Version)

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Module XIII
After you cared for a patient all the way through her pregnancy, it's imperative to continue your quality care through the postpartum period as well.  Learning how to anticipate and care for common postpartum issues, can make an otherwise difficult and stressful time, easier for the new mother.  This module covers how to keep your new moms interested in coming back to continue care for her AND her baby once she delivers. Showing your patients that you are knowledgeable about nursing difficulties, postpartum depression, mastitis, diastasis recti, pelvic floor concerns and more makes you a standout in your community, yet AGAIN! 

Module XIV
One of the latest natural remedies to hit the internet and our communities are Essential Oils. Do you know which ones are safe to use during Pregnancy and the Postpartum period and which to steer clear of? This module will help you to educate your practice (and your community for even more practice growth) to safely and carefully use these powerful oils in their families. 

BONUS Review Module
If you are opting in for certification, are you nervous about the exams? Well, don't be! This review will cover EVERYTHING you will need to know for the examinations to become certified in prenantal chiropractic care. If you pay attention, you'll pass with flying colors! 

BONUS Live Seminar Module 
Want to see all of this technique in action on real pregnant patients? This module contains the hands on seminar (previously held) so you can experience a typical prenatal office visit first hand. You will watch case management of common complaints, hands on adjusting and more...all without leaving the comfort of your home or office!


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ON-DEMAND Prenatal Chiropractic Program

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