For over 20 years, Dr. Karen Gardner has been dedicated to the well-being of the entire family.  She is honored to care for everyone from infants to teens to adults and seniors. 

She believes that the “Power that Made the Body, Heals the Body” 

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Over many years and countless hours of research and caring for pregnant patients she developed the "Bagnell Technique", now known as the Gardner Bagnell Technique.  This amazing technique can help to ensure a better pregnancy and childbirth experience.  Not only do the many unwanted conditions of pregnancy, like back pain, heartburn and sciatica improve; but this technique is also highly effective in allowing a baby that is not in the normal, head down (breech) position to gently position itself into the correct position (vertex) for childbirth.

Dr. Karen is available to listen to you and provide you with what you deserve - the best care possible.  If she honestly feels she cannot help you, she'll let you know that, too.  She honors your schedule by having online forms to fill out before your first visit and offers private consultations by phone. 

Even though Dr. Karen is a full time mom, she has flexible hours to fit almost anyone's schedule.

Dr. Karen Gardner is committed to helping people just like you have a life of vibrant health without the use of dangerous drugs or invasive surgeries.