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Chiropractors should know not only how fabulous you are but that us regular folk (not the megastars of management) can do great things with open-mindedness (most important), persistence, and faith.

My accountant tells me that I have to take a big check or buy some equipment because I've made such a large net profit this year. $50K.

That has NEVER happened before. And I owe it to you. THANK YOU!!!!

Thanks very much!
Erica MS Statman, D.C., C.C.P.  

​My coaching experience has been very beneficial because it always gives me more confidence.  It is great to have someone to give you advice and guidance when you need it.  Dr. Karen always understands what I am going through and helps me through it.  I take away so many good tips to help me build my practice along with tips on helping my pregnant patients.  The pregnancy Cd's I have purchased are very informative and I love listening to them.  I use the Bagnell Technique every time I adjust a pregnant patient and have had great success with breech babies.  I would tell anyone who wants to better themselves in pregnancy chiropractic to consider coaching or at least purchase some material. It is all great!

LeAnn Phillips

Listen, I know first hand that there are hundreds of places you can turn to find a coach. 

I don't know what the other programs have to offer, but I can tell you what you can expect from me.  If want to build and grow a pregnancy centered practice, hire a coach who has been there and done that TWICE!  

As a member of my Coaching Club you can expect:

  • **NEW** FREE Access to my new P3 Program (Premier Pregnancy Practice) for as long as you are a member of the coaching club. (some restrictions)
  • Two (2) consistently scheduled, personalized, laser-focused coaching calls each month by phone
  • You can also choose one call per month if that better suits your needs and pocket.
  • A posting  on my “find a doctor” page of my website for moms-to-be and birth care professionals searching for a pregnancy chiropractor.
  • Monthly press release templates to send out to your community media outlets for FREE advertising
  • 10% standing discount on EVERYTHING in the online store at
  • UNLIMITED email support and answers

Coaching with Dr. Karen has been the best practice decision that I have made.  I have only coached with her for 6 months, but the change in both myself and my practice has been significant.  I am not only more goal oriented and purpose driven, I have the tools to do so effectively. The past 6 months have been filled with transitions and through Dr. Karen's advice encouragement they went very smoothly.

I have learned various low/no cost ways to internally grow my practice and target my desired patients, I have a complete employee handbook and clear way to explain chiropractic that helps to have long lasting wellness patients.

The past 6 months have brought a new found joy to my practice, because I no longer feel as if I am in it alone.  Thanks Dr. Karen!

Dr. Eileen Denny 




UNLIMITED access to dozens of files, documents, and resources available to members only. 

Imagine Daily success systems (yes, complete systems…not just a form to fill out!) on the following topics

  • Patient education
  • Patient exams
  • Finances
  • Lectures
  • Marketing
  • Referrals
  • Testimonials
  • And more!
  • Step by step procedures for the first few visits of a new practice member.
  • How to present fees
  • How to upgrade your ROF
  • Progress exam how-to’s
  • Report dialogue
  • When & How to ask for a testimonial.
  • Whatt to do with the completed testimonial forms.

On-Demand Coaching –

  • EVERY member of  my coaching program RAVES about this uniquely authentic privilege.  A question or challenge might arise minutes after your regularly scheduled call and then you’re left wondering until your next call.  NOT ANYMORE!  With On-Demand Coaching, you have my personal cell phone number and can contact me when you MOST need me to have the answer right then and there.  


Now Is The Time To Invest In Yourself And Your Ideal Life – And Here’S A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Start Immediately…

Do It – You’ll Be Thrilled That You Jumped!!!
The success you dream of awaits you.  Simply e-mail me and tell me you are ready for coaching.   I’ll promptly respond to give you several days and times for our coaching call.    We’ll enjoy a real coaching call together during our scheduled time.   No sales pitch.

I look forward to our connection and the ENDLESS possibilities that await us

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  • Then, you can decide if coaching is right for you. 

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