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Chiropractors should know not only how fabulous you are but that us regular folk (not the megastars of management) can do great things with open-mindedness (most important), persistence, and faith.

My accountant tells me that I have to take a big check or buy some equipment because I've made such a large net profit this year. $50K.

That has NEVER happened before. And I owe it to you. THANK YOU!!!!

Thanks very much!
Erica MS Statman, D.C., C.C.P.  

​My coaching experience has been very beneficial because it always gives me more confidence.  It is great to have someone to give you advice and guidance when you need it.  Dr. Karen always understands what I am going through and helps me through it.  I take away so many good tips to help me build my practice along with tips on helping my pregnant patients.  The pregnancy Cd's I have purchased are very informative and I love listening to them.  I use the Bagnell Technique every time I adjust a pregnant patient and have had great success with breech babies.  I would tell anyone who wants to better themselves in pregnancy chiropractic to consider coaching or at least purchase some material. It is all great!

LeAnn Phillips

  • Gain Confidence with your chiropractic technique?
  • Have the knowledge to handle the very special needs of your pregnant and postpartum patients?
  • Have instant 25 years of experience at your disposal?
  • Gain credibility in your community as THE pregnancy care chiropractor?
  • Build exclusive referral relationships with other birth providers in your area?
  • Have immediate, lifetime and unlimited access to all proprietary content? 
  • Have membership in the private facebook group to mastermind with fellow "pregchirorepreneurs" 

Coaching with Dr. Karen has been the best practice decision that I have made.  I have only coached with her for 6 months, but the change in both myself and my practice has been significant.  I am not only more goal oriented and purpose driven, I have the tools to do so effectively. The past 6 months have been filled with transitions and through Dr. Karen's advice encouragement they went very smoothly.

I have learned various low/no cost ways to internally grow my practice and target my desired patients, I have a complete employee handbook and clear way to explain chiropractic that helps to have long lasting wellness patients.

The past 6 months have brought a new found joy to my practice, because I no longer feel as if I am in it alone.  Thanks Dr. Karen!

Dr. Eileen Denny 



Why a call?

The only way to become a private coaching client or a member of The Premier Pregnancy Practice is to first have a private coaching session with me. I want to make sure that the case management support I am offering will change your practice!

Likewise, I want to confirm that you will give it your optimum best and utilize the new tools you will be given.

This means you can’t just click a "register now" button on the spur of the moment and gain entrance to my private coaching community or the Premier Pregnancy Practice. YOu need to book a call. Let's do it! 

If you answered YES, then let’s find out if we’re a fit. Schedule your free call so we can talk about the "what-ifs"

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