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The Premier Pregnancy Practice™ is for Chiropractors who want:

Confidence: No more wondering if you know the best way to care for your pregnant and postpartum patients. Get the answers immediately and have the resources readily available when you need them - instantly.
Strategy: The marketing secrets you need to build, grow, and perfect a sustainable pregnancy practice with plenty of cash flow. (No more going broke in the summer and around the holidays.)

Coaching: Support from me to help break through any limiting beliefs that pop up along the way. (Hustle got you here, but the right mindset will get you there.)

Systems: Precise and concise systems and operations to keep you on track and laser focused on results. No more guessing about day to day tasks or promotions. "What's next" is already laid out for you.
Community: A community of chiropractors who will share what's working for them. (Taking bigger leaps will require a stronger "net" from people who know exactly what you're going through.)

  • Dr. Karen, just wanted to say wow...I've learned so much and I'm only into the 2nd module. This is the stuff we need to know in everyday practice! I could listen to you all day long!        ~ Dr. Katie Gelesko Stull

There's a 99% chance that right now, you're doing it all wrong.
You already know how to run a practice, but sustainable growth requires an entirely different skill set than what you're working with.

It requires you to DO LESS...wayyyy less, with a lot more intention.

You'll have to quit doing all the stuff that got you HERE in order to get you THERE.

Most other coaches know nothing about sustainably growing a Pregnancy Practice. Their strategies won't work for you because they haven't done it themselves.

Dr. Karen has been in the trenches, where you are now, and made it to the other side...TWICE!  She can honestly tell you that it is very difficult to do this alone...

...and if you're still reading, you already know that. 

Enrollment is NOW open!!

Hi Dr. Karen, ,

Hope you're having a wonderful new year. My wife and I are really enjoying going through your modules. The information is so well organized and applicable. Kudos to you!
Thanks for all you do.
Yong Gu Kim 

Is the Premier Pregnancy Practice what you're looking for?

P3 -     Elite              
1:1 coaching 
(additional coaching is optional)

11 CE credits
(where applicable)

Kick Off Session
Group Coaching

Instant access to course materials AND bonuses
*Lifetime Access to Courses
No monthly subscription after paid in full
Members only group
Both Books included
THREE Done for you PPT Presentations 
All things Case management & Technique
All things Practice management & Growth
Ready to use Templates
Audios for download and "offline" listening
New Materials at no extra cost
Listing On Website
Certification in Prenatal and Postpartum Technique


  • Earn your investment back in 90 days or less*
  • A personalized Action Plan to help you reach your goals in as little time as possible
  • A Private Kick Off Session to guide you, immediately, in the right direction so you see immediate benefits
  • Weekly LIVE group coaching to keep you in touch with other doctors doing exactly what you're doing.
  • Personalized attention to details - this is not a one size fits all experience.
  • Recorded coaching calls, both group and private, so you can listen and re-listen as much as needed.**
  • 11 CE Credits (where applicable) without ever leaving your home or office.
  • Free Access to other bonus webinars 
  • 10% standing discount on all other courses, products, and private coaching.

*Results are not guaranteed and depend on your effort
**Depends on your level of enrollment, please ask for details

The (P3) Premier Pregnancy Practice™ is for:

  • Chiropractors who want 25 years of experience INSTANTLY
  • Chiropractors who want to Build, Grow and Perfect their Pregnancy Practice with someone who has been there and done that TWICE!
  • Chiropractors who want to feel CONNECTED to their practice and create a truly unique experience for their pregnant patients who stay, pay and refer their friends and family. 
  • Chiropractors who are committed to perfecting their practice without burning out
  • Chiropractors who are ready to INVEST in this program and know the value of a course such as this.
  • ​Chiropractors who want a "turn key" program so they can use their time doing ANYTHING other than reinventing the wheel.
  • Chiropractors who want to feel supported and confident every step of the way
  • Doctors who want to be THE Pregnancy Chiropractor in their town...not just another one. 

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